Web Development of a feature rich website with social and community features aimed at the digital health market in Dubai and around the world.

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A unique company. passionate about innovation, technology and the future. is  a feature rich website which required the development of customized platform that allowed for social and community features, allowing users to create accounts, post articles, connect and contact other users, while at the same time providing the ability for site administrators to review and approve the user created content.

The Mission

  • Develop a Website that will allow for the Digital health community to connect, contribute and get informed.
  • Allow users to register, connect with other users and create content for the site.
  • Provide the ability to add events and manage online bookings.
  • Create an advanced site-wide Search and filtering system.

The Challenge

This was fully custom website with it’s own CMS (Developed in ZF2 the PHP Framework)  built to manage every aspect of the site, including users, events, posts and companies.




  • Over 1200 Users and growing.
  • Almost 1k articles published
  • Social features that allow users to contribute and connect
  • First page of google results for “Digital Health






User Dashboard
nuviun cms
Custom CMS