Enjoy Cozumel

Revamping of the website code and addition of new features, including added security, Stripe payment integration and enquiry management.


The most fantastic vacation experience in Cozumel. With over 10 years of experience on the island, we live, breath, and really really enjoy the island.

Modernizing of the current PHP, HTML and CSS code, online payment integration and security features including moving to HTTPs.

The Mission

Modernize the backend infrastructure of the holiday booking website and implement new features that leverage the business needs, including added security and the ability for customers to pay online.

The Challenge

Analyse and understand the legacy code and work with it in order implement greater security practices and build new features that are compatible with the current infrastructure.



The overall infrastructure of the site was greatly improved and some key features were implemented allowing the business to run smoothly and much more efficiently.

Online Booking System
Custom built fully integrated online booking system.
Stripe Payment Integration
Stripe Payment Integration, users are now able to book online and the site automatically takes care of booking and reservations.
SSL Implementation, boosting customer confidence and leveraging online payments